Life Of The Land (Hawai`i)

Life of the Land (1970-) Hawai`i non-profit environmental and community action  group  public interest.

Executive Director:
Henry Curtis

Assistant Executive Director:
Kat Brady,

Life of the Land
P.O. Box 37158
Honolulu, Hawaii  96837-0158

Board of Directors
Art Mori - President
David Henkin - Vice President
Miwa Tamanaha - Treasurer
Anne Sturgis - Secretary
Lynette Cruz
Carrie Ann Shirota



Life of the Land
Logo by Pegge Hopper

“Life of the Land is waging a vigorous fight against polluters in and out of court.”  Stewart Udall. 1970.  [U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1961-1969)]

“Direct, aggressive action based on fact. Most active environmental group in the state.”  Conservation Directory.  National Wildlife Federation. 1977.

Key leaders left mark on the state during Hawaii’s growth years.
“The effect a person can have on a place is immeasurable. Here are the 10 people or organizations who, from 1965 to 1975, helped make Hawaii what it is today”. There list contained 6 individuals and 4 organizations: The state Land Use Commission; Bishop Estate; the Labor Unions; and Life of the Land. Honolulu Star-Bulletin March 14, 1995.

”Life of the Land has become synonymous with environmental activism in Hawaii.” Honolulu Weekly. Earth Day edition. April 1996.

Quotes  re Executive Director Henry Curtis:  "a veteran of the RPS [Renewable Portfolio Standards] fight in the Legislature" and an "energy wonk" (Honolulu Weekly, November 29, 2000) "Henry Curtis of the energy-watching group Life of the Land" (Environment Hawaii, January 2001)  "a frequent HECO critic" (Pacific Business News, June 21, 2004) "closely follows and participates in Hawai'i energy issues" (Environment Hawaii, September 2004).

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Life of the Land is a 501(c)3
Charitable Organization.

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